Garden Flowers 2

We’ve got more flowers in bloom in the garden! We are both really impressed with how lush the garden is, all our seed planting and compulsive plant hoarding is paying off haha. We haven’t had time to work in the yard as much as we would like this season so all of this is what came up from last year. Perennials are definitely the way to go! Here’s another collection of blossoms.

(Alyssum, passionflower, globe thistle, day lily, chicory, St. John’s wort, verbena, milk thistle, hydrangea, hydrangea, hydrangea, cat mint, hydrangea, yarrow, pink hollyhock, teasle, red Cheyenne echinacea, crocosmia, yarrow, echinacea, yarrow, yarrow, yarrow, strawberry, chicory, sage, Japanese rose, feverfew, then a shot of the medicinal bed and ginormous milk thistle, and finally dianthus)

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