A Water Source for Pollinators

Our yard has been incredibly hot these last few days. Too hot for me to want to be out there, even, which means the wildlife is probably also feeling the heat. I put a bowl of water out for the wild rabbit that has been living in the yard and it also attracted our two cats. Then I had a visit from a thirsty hummingbird while watering the garden (see the video here!)

I thought the bees and other pollinators in our garden must also be thirsty and so I put together a few watering holes for them around the yard. They were easy to assemble, I just put landscaping rock into some clear plastic plant trays and filled them with water. Any kind of gravel or rock and tray would do. The rocks give the bees something to stand on while they drink so they won’t fall in and drown. They can be placed anywhere near where bees can be found in your yard, and any muck that grows in there only makes it easier for insects to find. This was a fun and easy project for a sunny afternoon!

They work for more than just insects too!

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