Mavis: Four Months Old

This month went so fast, Mave is four months old already! So much has changed since last month, she is so much more alert and interested in the world around her. She can grab and hold her own toys, hold her head up during tummy time, roll from front to back and halfway from back to front, make squealing and oh oh oh sounds, smile at her reflection in the mirror and even held her own bottle while she drank a couple times. The other night I leaned in to kiss her nose and she gently placed her hands on either side of my face and held me there staring deep into my eyes for a few solid minutes. It was tooooo much 😍

Here’s another month of Mave!

Day 93 – July 9th

Day 94 – July 10th

Day 95 – July 11th

Day 96 – July 12th

Day 97 – July 13th

Day 98 – July 14th

Day 99 – July 15th

Day 100 – July 16th

Day 101 – July 17th

Day 102 – July 18th

Day 103 – July 19th

Day 104 – July 20th

Day 105 – July 21st

Day 106 – July 22nd

Day 107 – July 23rd

Day 108 – July 24th

Day 109 – July 25th

Day 110 – July 26th

Day 111 – July 27th

Day 112 – July 28th

Day 113 – July 29th

Day 114 – July 30th

Day 115 – July 31st

Day 116 – August 1st

Day 117 – August 2nd

Day 118 – August 3rd

Day 119 – August 4th

Day 120 – August 5th

Day 121 – August 6th

Day 122 – August 7th

Day 123 – August 8th

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