Fruit on the Trees

Our fruit trees are doing really well this year. The plum trees are loaded, the cherry tree had more fruit than previous years, and there’s already lots of apples taking shape. Our fig tree even has a good amount of fruit on it! Also a surprise was to find apples on one of the two trees that haven’t fruited since we moved in. I wasn’t sure what kind of tree it even was until I spied the apples today. They look like grannies but they may also be the transparent ones that a few other people on the island have, I’m not sure yet.

^ Cherries on the large cherry tree a few weeks ago. We also discovered two more cherry trees in amongst the shrubs leading down to the lawn that J cleared away. They are growing without competition now and I spotted a small amount of fruit. Maybe next year we will get some cherries from here too.

Ants on a fig šŸœ We planted this tree a few years ago and it is really putting on some growth this year. There are over 20 figs which is a lot more than previous years. I’m excited to taste a fresh fig!

Our 5 plum trees continue to be our biggest producer. The smell of plums is now the official smell of summer for me, and canning jam has become a yearly tradition šŸ–¤

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