Front Stairs Finished

It has been really hot and smokey out this month due to the state of emergency level of wildfires burning in our province. Our garden started out great but has been looking reeeeeal dry lately as we haven’t spent as much time out there as we would have liked this year (also, baby happened). J did manage to make the final push on our new stairs this week though and they look great.

He built a little planter at the bottom and relocated some ferns as this part of the yard is under the shade of some large trees and they are (in theory) deer proof. I’m looking forward to the next project out here as we move along bit by bit. We were gifted a really neat old piece of McDonalds playground equipment by our wonderful neighbour that we want to install as a sculpture somewhere, or possibly even as a functional play piece for Mavis. It even has a big M on the front 🖤


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