My Favourite Boots

It’s been 3 years since J gifted me a pair of Blundstones and I thought it would be fun to see how much they have aged considering I wear them like everyday. These boots have been through a lot! They have been on many forest walks, protected my feet from injury at work, and have kept me warm in the snow. They have also outlasted quite a few pairs of sneakers and developed a really nice patina with no leaks or cracks. I guess there really is a reason blunnies are the uniform of Gabriola šŸ˜‚

What does your shoe closet look like?? I’ve pared my shoe collection down to 12 pairs that I love, and not surprisingly they are all black haha. There isn’t much reason to get dressed up over here either so they are all pretty utilitarian. These Kodiak boots are pretty great, and Hunters are good for the rainy season. What are your favourite shoes?

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