Mavis: Five Months Old

Every month I compile the photos for the next Mavis post and every month I think they are as cute as can possibly be. Then she somehow gets cuter haha. I don’t know how she does it. This kid!

This month a lot happened. Mave can roll over both ways, sit in her high chair, reach for and grab her toys, nap on her own, entertain herself for stretches of time (I can get stuff done again!) and sleep through the night with just one feeding around 3am. She started laughing just a few days ago and does lots of babbling and raspberry blowing. She greets strangers with a smile and a tight grip on their finger and makes lots of deep eye contact. She’s a real sweetie! Here’s another month of Mavis.

Day 124 – August 9th

Day 125 – August 10th

Day 126 – August 11th

Day 127 – August 12th

Day 128 – August 13th

Day 129 – August 14th

Day 130 – August 15th

Day 131 – August 16th

Day 132 – August 17th

Day 133 – August 18th

Day 134 – August 19th

Day 135 – August 20th

Day 136 – August 21st

Day 137 – August 22nd

Day 138 – August 23rd

Day 139 – August 24th

Day 140 – August 25th

Day 141 – August 26th

Day 142 – August 27th

Day 143 – August 28th

Day 144 – August 29th

Day 145 – August 30th

Day 146 – August 31st

Day 147 – September 1st

Day 148 – September 2nd

Day 149 – September 3rd

Day 150 – September 4th

Day 151 – September 5th

Day 152 – September 6th

Day 153 – September 7th

Day 154 – September 8th

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