The Week in Books #23

Reading has been happening not so much this last month or so, babies are time consuming! Here’s what I’ve been working on… still largely motherhood memoir related haha.

The Motherhood Affidavits by Laura Jean Baker. This memoir was a little all over the place for me and I nearly called it quits when she went into detail surrounding the child abuse case of her husband’s client (not necessary!), but in the end I powered through. This book is loosely about the author’s “addiction” to childbirth and mothering, and also loosely about the cases of her husband, a criminal defence lawyer. There were a lot of snippets of stories involving children, babies or mothers in one way or another interspersed between anecdotes of her own life with 5 children. The various court cases were interesting but I don’t know if I agree that they fit into the stories of her own life. Realistically it could have been two separate books which would have allowed her to go into more detail about her own experiences and self-described addiction to childbirth hormones and might have made the book more engaging.

In progress: The Electric Woman by Tessa Fontaine. Tessa’s mom suffered a stroke that put her in hospital for a long stretch of time and as a way of processing Tessa found herself becoming a carnival performer.

Books I picked up this week: continuing the motherhood memoir theme, I grabbed this title by Heather B. Armstrong called It Sucked and then I Cried: how I had a baby, a breakdown, and a much deserved margarita. Interested to see how this one turns out! It looks like a fairly easy read.

And as a gift from J I have Sad Girls by Lang Leav on deck. Just goes to show how well J knows me, there’s a lot about this book I’m looking forward to; it’s written by a woman of colour and is about sad and anxious girls haha. Can’t wait to read this one! Finally some fiction on the list 🙂

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