What’s in a Name?

Naming a baby is a big deal! You have created a tiny person and they will carry the name you give them for the rest of their lives. It also has to be something you and your partner agree on, and that’s a whole other thing, ha.

In naming our daughter we wanted to find something unique but still classic. A name that was a bit unusual but not something we or our baby would come to regret or hate. We went through a few different names; Olivia and Hazel are beautiful but overused, Lydia is a favourite but rhymes with chlamydia, we both loved Audrey but didn’t want a name on any top 20 name lists, etc. In the end we settled on Mavis Octavia, and here’s what it means to us.

Mavis is a French name meaning “songbird” that was first used in an 1895 novel by Marie Corelli (an English novelist and mystic) titled The Sorrows of Satan, a book that was widely regarded as the world’s first best-seller. Haigh is an English surname from the Middle Ages meaning “of the hedge” (and is also a house in Game of Thrones!) So Mavis Haigh translates to Songbird of the Hedge. Mavis is also a relative of the Welsh word for strawberries, “mefus” which is cute because she has strawberry blonde hair and I like calling her strawberry baby. Mavis is also a cute vampire character in Adam Sandler’s animated movie Hotel Transylvania that we both love.

Octavia is a Latin name meaning “eighth born” and has been around a long time. Octavia Minor is one of the most prominent women in Roman history, and was married to Mark Antony before his marriage to Cleopatra. Mavis was the eighth pregnancy in our friends circle, and was on track to be the eighth born but came early, just one day before baby #7. So close! It is also the name of my favourite author, Octavia Butler.

What are your favourite names? How did you name your children? I wanna hear about it 🖤

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