Fencing the Property

This has been a really long time coming! We are finally starting to fence the perimeter of our yard so all of our spaces will be deer free and useable. The deer here are so plentiful and hungry that they will eat ANYTHING left unprotected, even plants that are supposed to be deer proof. We have lost many fine plant souls by thinking they would be ok unprotected then coming back to find stumps.

There have been families of deer using our yard as a path up the hill for years; a couple seasons ago there were twin fawns that became orphaned as their mom had been hit by a car, and they returned the following season as adults. This year I’m not sure if it is the same animals that are back and forth (they move from the bottom corner of the yard that leads into a wooded acreage, along the plum trees keeping them pruned precisely to deer height, then up the side of the house to visit the apple trees and end up on the road) but there are larger groups than in previous years including a giant buck or three.

By fencing the yard we divert their path into neighbouring properties (sorry, folks!) and fiiiiinally gain use of our giant lawn for planting. We are really excited for this project!! Defining the edge of the property has suddenly made it look massive. We are both looking forward to the yard being a fun space for Mavis, so the size is really excellent and the fence will make me feel more secure letting Mave and the doggos go play. No deer means we can plant the few plants we have ready to go but didn’t have space for in the enclosure, including two tiny eucalyptus trees I bought in the summer.

In total J added 37 new fence posts and used two 165′ rolls of deer fencing. Whew! It’s not very pretty but we plan to put plants and shrubs in front to grow up and disguise the mesh a little. As it is the fence is barely visible until you get close. This is a huge accomplishment we can finally check off the to do list. 🙌🏻

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