Mave’s Week in Books #4

Mave has been a busy little lady lately but has still managed to make time for some reading. We have been given a few new super cute books in recent weeks and Mavis has discovered the joy of chewing the pages, a habit I had as a baby that my Mom reminded me of this week. Here are some of my baby books, spines ripped off by my tiny little teeth haha.

I’m a lot kinder to my books now, and I’d like to keep Mave from wrecking all hers like this if at all possible. As you can see, she’s already discovered she can chew the edges and this new book fell victim quickly. 😂

Books she did read without destroying this week include:

Love You Forever by Robert Munsch

Baby Einstein Big and Little Opposites Lift a Flap

If I were a Bunny

Bunny my Honey by Anita Jeram

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