Mavis: Nine Months Old

Mavis is 9 months old today. Her growth over the last month has been massive. She is like a tiny person now! She laughs, crawls, climbs, sits up, stands up (with something to hold on to), and blows raspberries on our tummies and looks for our reaction. She eats 3 meals a day and loves tasting what we are eating. Her vocalizations are sounding more like communications, though we are still awaiting any words, and she is learning to wave hello and bye bye. She already loves sharing her food with the dogs and also holds bits out for me to try. As I type this she is climbing onto the coffee table for the first time. She never stops!

Here is another month of Mavis.

Day 246 – December 9th

Day 247 – December 10th

Day 248 – December 11th

Day 249 – December 12th

Day 250 – December 13th

Day 251 – December 14th

Day 252 – December 15th

Day 253 – December 16th

Day 254 – December 17th

Day 255 – December 18th

Day 256 – December 19th

Day 257 – December 20th

Day 258 – December 21st

Day 259 – December 22nd

Day 260 – December 23rd

Day 261 – December 24th

Day 262 – December 25th

Day 263 – December 26th

Day 264 – December 27th

Day 265 – December 28th

Day 266 – December 29th

Day 267 – December 30th

Day 268 – December 31st

Day 269 – January 1st

Day 270 – January 2nd

Day 271 – January 3rd

Day 272 – January 4th

Day 273 – January 5th

Day 274 – January 6th

Day 275 – January 7th

Day 276 – January 8th


  1. Happy and happy new year after all man, and little star everything imaginable good and multifun and joking time with them.>>>>>>>>>>>>>((((((((((*L*)se/nz

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