Start of 2019!

I really can’t believe how fast last year went by. My blog has been a little quiet since the birth of our daughter because, as it turns out, babies are a handful and we haven’t tackled many projects recently that aren’t baby related. But that’s not to say things aren’t happening around here! Mavis is growing into a feisty, sweet little girl and we have a whole host of new projects on the horizon with her in mind (hello hobbit play house).

Last year was a monumental year for growth. Truly, everything has changed. We became parents, I gave up a career that no longer served me, and we both had to really push ourselves through a lot of hard work to stay afloat. Living in the gulf islands is amazing, but can be extremely difficult to afford as work on the island is a challenge. Of the handful of on-island jobs I have worked I found the shifts were part-time hours at best and the paycheques were inconsistent and pretty unusable at times (I’m not sure what one does with a paycheque under $40 and it happened more than once haha) and J found the same. However, he was able to complete the courses required to be hired by the ferry, which was huge. I pushed myself creatively and published The Fox Tarot which paved the way for a small business that could be run out of my home that really flourished in 2018.

As we head into 2019 J has been given a full time deck hand position during the day which is what we were hoping for (but expecting to take a few more years) and I ran a successful Kickstarter campaign for the printing of tarot deck #2 which will continue to grow my business. We have been incredibly blessed over the last 12 months and are thrilled to be really making this work. We’ve had our heads down as we grind out the debt that built up while I was forced out of work with no support from my employer, and things are starting to look good again.

This year we will be scaling back a lot of our projects to focus on family and maintaining what we have. Last year we downsized some of our obligations and are getting comfortable with a smaller homestead. We still have 2 dogs, 2 cats, and 5 angora rabbits, with no plans for new pets anytime soon. Our fenced garden area is essentially complete and now we can just focus on the plants. One major task we were able to complete last year was the fencing of the larger part of the yard which allows us to now develop those areas which is exciting.

More than anything else this year I am really going to focus on caring for myself properly. It sounds like such a simple concept but I have been doing a lousy job haha. I’m hoping to balance the areas of my life that have been out of whack for a while and keep moving onwards and upwards.

All the best to all my followers in 2019!

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