Kitchen Before and After

It is finally done! Finally finally we have a clean, functional, and beautiful kitchen. It has taken a long time to get here (with a half way renovation to try to make things nicer) but at last we have wrapped up our wall tiling and the thing is done. We redid the cabinets when I was pregnant with Mavis and it took until now to do the last bits, but we managed to push it out and yesterday we did a big reorganization and purged out a ton of stuff we don’t need anymore. It feels so good to have this upgrade done.

In total we added a new stainless electric stove and refrigerator, a dishwasher, a new hood fan that is actually vented in, new floor tiles and wall tiles done by J, new cabinets, sink, faucet with pull out spray, and countertops all from ikea, new light fixture over the window and new blinds, open concept pipe shelf uppers by J, and finally, the built in bench with countertop extension for the dehydrator and upholstered cushion. The only thing we kept from the old kitchen is the water cooler haha.

Here’s some more shots of the amazing tiling that J did, they look so great!


  1. That is an amazing accomplishment! I can’t get over the difference. The orange cabinets were soooo 1970 and not in a good way! J has amassed an incredible set of skills during the whole process – inside and out of the house. You make a great dynamic duo – design and skills – I applaud you both!

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