Baby Proofing the Stairs

When Mavis was born we started looking around the house for things that needed baby proofing before she started crawling. At the time we thought we had lots of time to get ready before she started moving but lo-and-behold she was mobile a lot sooner than we had anticipated! We were able to get small things cleared away easily but one area that needed a total change was the stairs. The open banister seemed dangerous and the baby gate I bought for the top of the stairs didn’t fit properly, so J came up with a solution that enclosed the banister and installed a hinged gate with a latch.

Here’s the before and after!

I was happy to see the red banister go, it wasn’t really our style and my cat had actually shredded the wood of the spindles (she’s a wood scratcher, not a fabric scratcher ha) so it needed to be removed. J covered it with boards to turn it into a solid pony wall and put a piece of trim on the top, then painted it a nice clean white. Mavis can’t climb it and the gate locks so she won’t fall down the stairs. There is also the bonus of keeping the dogs out of the downstairs where Ozzy often goes when he has to pee but can’t get outside. No more pee on my studio floor! Haha. It’s the little things 🖤

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