Avocado Tree Progress

A lot of my plants have been feeling neglected lately and that definitely includes the avocado tree we grew from seed. We had moved it onto the balcony in the summer and kinda left it out there… for too long haha. It got chilly out and the leaves started to die off. I finally brought it inside and trimmed some excess growth from the top (it was over 6′ tall), and many of the leaves dropped. I was afraid I had killed it but one day I noticed new leaves growing on the branches. Now there are lots!

It looks really leggy at the moment, but as it bushes out I plan to trim the long branches back and encourage it to continue getting bushier. I probably should have been pruning it a lot more carefully as it grew over the last 3 years but it’s not too late to start 🖤

Here it is 3 years ago (so little!):

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