Tarot Trailer

It’s sad when friends move away (and people leave the rock often) but sometimes you can reap the benefits of them selling everything they own and score an AMAZING TRAILER.

I have been dreaming of a school bus conversion after seeing so many of my friends do one for their living space (Stephanie’s was featured in Architectural Digest here) but finding an affordable one in good condition that we can transport without huge cost has been tricky. I think we would also have issues getting a bus that size into the top of our property, and that’s if it even makes up the steep road we live on. The bus plan had been back burnered for a while when a friend asked if I was interested in buying her studio trailer.

I’ve seen it before and immediately loved it, so I jumped at the chance to take it on when my friend moves. We have a space for it alongside our carport and it can be delivered so it’s all looking good for this new project! The outside needs cleaning up and there are a few things I want to do inside, but for the most part it’s in good shape and well underway to being a functional studio space/hangout. It’s nice to get a trailer that has already been worked on rather than a shell that would need a lot more work as we don’t have the time to commit to a major project at this time.

Here are some shots of the interior the way my friend set it up after restoring the interior including new insulation, flooring and paint. I’m really excited to get it to my yard and put my touches on it!!


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