Tarot Trailer In Progress

TRAILER RENO GO! I’m over the moon about this little trailer project. It’s such an awesome space and it’s going to be really fun fixing it up. The trailer is a ’74 Kenskill with aluminum exterior, little kitchen and bathroom, plus living space. The outside is a bit grungy but in great shape with no rust or damage. What a gem!

We got it into the carport just barely, the skylight and stove pipe had to be removed and put back in on order to get it under the edge of the roof. It’s snug and dry in there now and I’m starting to clean up the exterior. I’m using a drill and brush to buff the old paint and moss off, then it will be ready for fresh paint. It’s gonna take my whole life to do the entire thing though hahaha

Fancy! Here are some shots of the interior. I’ve ordered a Coleman camp stove for the kitchenette (for making candles!) and am getting ready to put the silkscreen stuff into the tiny bathroom. It’s the perfect dark cubby for a light and screen storage. 🖤

In the future I will also have the electrical all redone, but once that is finished I can hook up a small generator and then we will have a warm space to sleep when the power goes out in the house which is a definite bonus.


  1. The trailer is looking good. Beware of CO when using a camp stove indoors.

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  2. I LOVE it! What an awesome little space. 🙂 My neighbor has something similar that she calls the “she shed” instead of man cave.

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