Mavis: Eleven Months Old

Eleven months! I realized part way through this month that the numbering of my photos was off by about 40 days when I accidentally repeated them a few posts back. Oops! The numbers are back on track now and we are past the 300th day. Just one month left to her first birthday!

Lots of developments this month. Mavis is much more vocal than she was last month, and even said Dada, doggie and kitty a few times each before refusing to do it again. She knows how to roar like a dragon though, and says lots of buh buh buh sounds. She’s walking with a little help from us and almost able to stand upright without supports. She has shown a real interest in books and has figured out how to turn pages and unfold flaps. She’s developing her own little personality and she is a real sweetheart!

Day 308 – February 9th

Day 309 – February 10th

Day 310 – February 11th

Day 311 – February 12th

Day 312 – February 13th

Day 313 – February 14th

Day 314 – February 15th

Day 315 – February 16th

Day 316 – February 17th

Day 317 – February 18th

Day 318 – February 19th

Day 319 – February 20th

Day 320 – February 21st

Day 321 – February 22nd

Day 322 – February 23rd

Day 323 – February 24th

Day 324 – February 25th

Day 325 – February 26th

Day 326 – February 27th

Day 327 – February 28th

Day 328 – March 1st

Day 329 – March 2nd

Day 330 – March 3rd

Day 331 – March 4th

Day 332 – March 5th

Day 333 – March 6th

Day 334 – March 7th

Day 335 – March 8th

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