The Garden in March

The garden will be waking up really soon and we have a lot of work to do to get it looking nice again. The last year or so the yard really took a backseat to everything going on and now the planters look pretty scraggly. We’ve decided to start from scratch this month by clearing the beds, adding fresh manure and peat, and getting new plants in the dirt. The beds are soooo dry right now and things are growing all over the place. We’d like to plant things in blocks from now on, one planter dedicated to calendula, another to mint, etc. I think the organized look will be pretty great (I lurve organizing!) plus it’s easy to harvest stuff if it’s all in one place instead of a bit here and a bit over there. The pathways also need a fresh load of gravel to tidy them up.

Here are some pictures of how it looks now. We’ve had some great weather this week so it’s easy to get outside đź–¤


  1. Grouping will make harvesting easier, and grouping by water needs will cut down on time for that. I do like the eclectic look now though, each box resembles a bouquet with a variety of color and texture. Very appealing even though it’s very early in the season!

    • The eclectic look is really nice too! I was finding it hard to harvest things when I had to walk all over for a bit here and a bit there tho haha. We also want to get more new things too and couldn’t find space. So a fresh start will be fun!

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