Digging the Driveway

We have been wanting a space for the trailer to sit permanently since it was dropped off a few weeks ago, a place that wasn’t the carport where it was so large it filled the whole thing. We had a friend over with his digger the other day and widened the area to the side of the carport to make a second driveway, and also take on the task of spinning the trailer so the door was on the correct side.

This small banking was dug out to remove the rocks and widen the space to park the trailer. If we pulled the trailer out of the carport and then backed it into the parking space the door would be around the backside of the trailer instead of facing the carport, so we decided to turn it around using the digger and manpower.

This was more complicated than I expected it to be, but the guys managed by using the digger to pull the trailer into place and now the trailer has a home! J then used a carjack and some pavers to level it out. Lots of work to do getting this area cleaned up now, including lots of gravel to cover the mud and the placement of pavers to the trailer door. Then comes flowers and shrubs.

We tarped it to keep it protected from rain until we have a chance to build a roof over it. Now I just continue to scrub and buff the outside to prep it for painting (which I’m so excited for!)

The inside of the trailer is so much brighter now that it’s out of the shade of the carport. We also had a little platform cleared for a future free standing wood stove sauna. The view from here is pretty amazing!


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