Tarot Trailer Progress

The Tarot Trailer is now in its permanent home on the side of the carport, tarped to protect it from the rain until we can build a roof structure. Since the digger was here progress has been slow but I wanted to take careful inventory of what was there before I made any impulse decisions. My friend did a stellar job on the interior and I want to appreciate what they did and work to improve it rather than replace it (her partner is a boat builder so the wood working is really nice!) The floors, walls, and window trims are all great. There are a few small projects I’m planning to make it more functional as a studio, and also to make sure it stays clear of from mice and spiders.

The pastel paint in the kitchenette is super cute but not really in line with my vision so I’m going to give all the paint a fresh coat with white. I love the wood trim on the windows and door though so I would like to preserve that (hopefully I don’t slop paint everywhere.)

The stove is missing and not really necessary for a studio so I’m going to continue the countertop over the opening for more surface space. I considered removing this whole chunk of wonky millwork (that bottom drawer is super hard to open) but then I would be left with a hole in the lovely hardwood floor so I will leave it in place and use it for supply storage. It would be nice to add some cabinet doors to it as well to hide mess. I also cleared out under the sink to make storage for bins. There’s a surprising amount of space under there, plus a hot water tank. The sink and countertop are great, though the faucet could use replacing.

I recently discovered this metal grate outside the bathroom is actually a door that opens and out slides a funny little towel rack. I’m not sure how to use this tiny sliver of space yet but it’s there and I’ll leave it for now. One big ticket item that should be addressed eventually is the electrical. For now I have an extension cord running through a window but ultimately it would be nice to have the wiring completely redone and to replace the light fixtures with modern ones. Having functional light switches and plug outlets would be really great, and then we could hook up a small generator or solar panel and have a space with lights and heat during power outages. All in good time.

This is the little bathroom which, in all honesty, feels a bit creepy to me haha. It’s very tight and hasn’t been painted white yet so it’s also quite dark. But it does have a window and a light and a SHOWER so I don’t want to just rip it out. Instead it will make the perfect exposure room for burning silkscreens. I’m going to install a work surface where the toilet would go with a blackout curtain underneath to store coated screens away from light, and mount the work light over it with a shelf above for supplies. The shower can then be used to rinse the screens which is totally perfect. It’s too dark in there for my iPhone camera so these pictures are hella grainy and it’s hard to tell but the metal shower is a pretty great shade of dusty rose.

These original fixtures are kind of funky but I think they need to be upgraded.

The final area that I want to fix up is over the wheel on the bathroom side. I removed the platform that previously held a wood stove and exposed some things that need to be covered up again (like the plumbing to the shower). I’d like to paint the wheel well to match the one on the other side and then install a table with shelf underneath as the surface I will use for screen printing fabric.

This trailer is a lot roomier than it looks on the outside and I’m super pleased that all my various supplies for sewing, candle making, screen printing, needlepoint, weaving, knitting, owl collecting and tarot can all be stored with lots of room to spare. When did I pick up so many hobbies??

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