Tarot Trailer Kitchen

Spring is kicking into high gear and it is hot and beautiful out. This has really motivated us to get outside and start doing some new projects in the sunny weather and one of those projects is the tarot trailer and the area around the carport.

A few posts back I shared some of my plans for the trailer and had said that I didn’t want to rip out the kitchen cabinets because it would be too much work. Well, I eat my words because in an afternoon Justin and I removed the old cabinets but left the countertop, and gave the exposed spaces a serious clean. A few days ago I was trying to organize supplies into the space left by the removed stove and when I wiggled the stiff bottom drawer enough to open it I noticed there was evidence of mice inside the cabinet. Having just dealt with a gross infestation in my car I have had enough of mouse poo getting on my things and I decided to rip it all out.

The kitchen is functional as is and I didn’t want to create a bunch of garbage by scrapping it totally, so we just removed the weird cabinet that housed the stove, the old cabinet face, and the small drawers/cutting board. I kept the wood top, sink, and hot water tank. The friend I bought it from did some really nice woodwork when they fixed it up and the kitchen countertop is great. There is even a wooden cut out to fill the sink in when you aren’t using it which is excellent.

As a bonus we passed the drawers on to another friend who will use them as display shelves in her studio shop. Upcycle!

This did leave a hole in the flooring where the original linoleum is visible, but we repurposed the board that was previously the wood stove platform to fill it and have built a new cabinet over the seams that also supports the bar counter. I reused the cabinet pulls my friend installed and am pretty happy with the results. As we were trying to line up the sink counter and the bar counter with a makeshift patching job we discovered there was a height difference that would leave a weird lip on the surface. Justin suggested we remove the bar top and move it into place adjacent the sink counter to fill the gap and adjust the height difference. This was an excellent idea and it looks great.

To keep the competing wood tones to a minimum I then painted the cabinets black which looks very swish. I also removed the skinny metal grate and pull out towel rack and will cover the opening with a board.

Here is a before and after to show the impact of a new cabinet. It already looks so different!

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