Monstera Growth

Three years ago I bought a monstera deliciosa (Swiss cheese) plant while working in Victoria and just recently looked at it and realized how huge it has gotten. I got it from Rook & Rose where they sell out so quickly that I had to put my name on a waiting list to get the chance to buy one. It was also pretty pricey but I needed a morale booster at the time. Here are a couple photos of it’s original size in the fall of 2016:

And now! It has taken over this whole corner of the room, it’s a beast.

It has been sprouting new leaves pretty regularly over the spring and I documented the growth process with the most recent leaf. I love how it just unfurls. This is a photo a day over one week as it emerged.

This is my favourite and largest house plant. I love the leaf shape and watching it grow has been really interesting. I’d say it was worth the investment and has been really easy to care for 🖤

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