Tarot Trailer: Taking Shape

I’m slowly plugging away at little fixes in the tarot trailer, and this week we made a few upgrades that really changed the space. The first upgrade was the addition of a roll of peel and stick wallpaper in the kitchen; I went with a nature inspired floral print on a black background with insects. It’s loud like an old man’s vacation shirt, but I love it. I had been thinking about tiling the kitchen but it would have been a lot of work and would also probably work out to be pretty pricey, so instead I chose wallpaper because it’s cheap ($36 for one roll) and way faster (done in an hour). It’s also removable if I want to change it later which is a plus.

Secondly, Justin built another cabinet and work surface for me to do screen printing on. It covers the wheel well that previously housed the wood stove platform and has some areas that need finishing. I am impressed by how big the unit is now that it is installed, there is a surprising amount of space in this trailer! To finish it off we just need to put some boards on the outside, set up the doors and paint it black to match the other one.

Finally, I started sewing new curtains for the windows. I added a wire curtain rod to the kitchen window that was missing a curtain (it would have hung over the old stove) and repaired the one that was missing some pieces over the sink. I had an old pair of ikea drapes that I started carving up for new coverings, they are so simple to make with this little sewing machine attachment that rolls the hem as you go.

Florals on florals! The existing curtains are too long to hang over the new work surface (every action has a reaction, eh) and I will also add a curtain to the window in the storage room (formerly the bathroom) so I will end up sewing a full set. The clip system from ikea is really cheap and easy to set up and curtains are a fun way to change things up. I’m always on the lookout for fabric at value village 🖤

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