Growing Tomatoes

We got tomatoes from a few sources this year and it looks like we will end up with a lot of fruit. Tomatoes are so easy to grow. We learned a few things growing tomatoes for the last few years, but this year we learned to plant the stem as far into the soil as possible, right up to the lowest branch. The plant then roots itself from the soil covered stem and you get a way sturdier plant. We definitely noticed a difference in our plants this year.

I’ve lost track of the varieties because there were so many (we bought 10 starters for $20 from someone on the island, then picked up another 3 from a roadside by donation stand, then were gifted another tub full of starts from my Mom’s garden) but somewhere in there are Roma’s, beefsteak, and golden cherries. We will find out when they fruit, I guess.

One thing we have been doing for a few seasons now is pinching off all the little shoots that come out of a branch “armpit” (is that the technical term?) like the one in the photo above. That reroutes the energy that would have been spent growing another limb into the existing branches and their fruit to give you bigger tomatoes.

These plants have a nice sunny spot by the downstairs door next to our bed of kale. Once we harvest the tomatoes, these beds will be moved so we can set up an outdoor dining area under the pergola. It will be the only shaded area around the back of the house once the vines start growing on it, so there are lots of other places we can grow loads of tomatoes next year. Maybe even on the lawn in the lower part of the yard. Looking forward to lots of salsa, pasta sauce and pizza when we harvest!


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