Goodbye Rotten Balcony

The balcony off the dining room has been in need of repair since we bought the house, but somehow it just never got done. Several years ago we removed part of the railing with the intention of building some kind of storage shed but that never happened either, and the area with no railing is obviously too dangerous for a baby. Now that Mavis is walking (!!!) we thought it would be a good time to get the balcony rebuilt with railings that aren’t rotting and falling off (or missing altogether).

The covered portion of the deck is not too bad, but the area that is out in the rain has completely rotted into dust and it is well past time to deal with it. We thought about just replacing the rotten boards but decided in the end to rebuild the whole thing with new lumber because it really isn’t that big, and it would be so much nicer to have new everything. Justin took the railing and deck boards off to start, leaving the rest until the next day to demo. The next morning there was a loud crashing sound that it took me a while to place, but I eventually discovered that it was the longest doubled up beam collapsing under its own weight. Yikes!

This outer corner was the worst of it. Pretty spongey! ☹️ The railing came down without much effort, it basically crumbled under the hammer.

The rest of the deck was torn down pretty quick after that because it was clearly hazardous. We’ve never built a balcony before but the plan is to just replace everything exactly the same as it is currently to avoid needing to apply for a building permit. Plus we documented the construction as it was dismantled so it should be pretty straightforward. It will be nice to have a strong, clean new balcony in place of our half painted rotting one, hahah.


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