Tarot Trailer: Bathroom Becomes Closet

Work continues on the tarot trailer this week and I am getting close to having all the built ins finished. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with the shower at first and I went back and forth about keeping the dusty rose coffin intact, but in the end I thought it would be best to just remove it if I wasn’t going to use it so I could convert the space into something more functional.

Not surprisingly when you remove a sixty year old shower there might be some mould underneath, and such was the case in the trailer though thankfully it was a small amount that I cleaned off with bleach. There being a small amount didn’t stop me from having an allergic reaction, however, and I spent 24 hours with burning and clogged sinuses, something I definitely don’t want to happen again. Ugh. Justin removed everything including the metal shower shell, plumbing, and wooden toilet platform (which also revealed mould) and I removed the old cubby door and light fixture so the little room is stripped back to bare bones.

I gave the walls and ceiling a scrub and Justin then put new boards up to tidy everything and cover the hole in the ceiling where the shower vent was. Now the bathroom is a little closet for supply storage and, with the installation of one last work surface, a place to burn and store silkscreens. First I will paint everything white and install trim over all the edges, and cover the window with cardboard to block out the light.

In the kitchenette I finally painted over the blue with white and installed a dowel to act as a hang rod where I can hang prints to dry as well as my LED lantern for light after dark. I was very kindly given an easel a few months ago to hold up my weaving frame but unfortunately when the trailer was being positioned it fell and one of the legs broke off. We have a pile of junk going to the dump and I felt bad about adding it but wouldn’t be able to use it in the space anymore. I was able to salvage the piece that holds the canvas/loom though and repurpose it into a small shelf which is pretty cute. Perfect tarot size!

With the plumbing removed from the shower and new boards up on the inside, the little door that gave access to the water shut offs became redundant so I removed it along with the other doors on the overhead shelves. Justin cut some new boards down to size and mounted them with new hinges to make them look cleaner than the old ones and I’m really happy with the upgrade. He also turned the water access hole into a recessed niche with trim. Amazing.

The next little while will be spent painting everything white and covering all the little gaps and spider holes. Things are looking pretty great and I’m still a teeny bit stunned that this studio is mine! 🥰


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