A Garden for the Bees

Several years ago we set out to grow a good selection of plants and flowers to provide food for the local bee population (check out this post about bees), and this season I feel like we have arrived at what we were dreaming about. The bees and other insects are all enjoying the garden and all the many blossoms to be had everywhere, plus having access to watering holes as well. I’m feeling good about our little pollinator community out there. I’ve gotten lots of pictures of the bees on our flowers, here are some of my favourites.


  1. Very good! I always like it when I take photos of flowers where there is also a bumblebee. They are very active out at the farm I have been working. I did get photos of the Cut-Leaf Teasel flowering last week. Such a neat plant and it was great to see yours in this post. Great photos! Thanks for sharing!

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