Harvesting: Garlic

It’s garlic time! We harvested our planter of garlic a few weeks ago and hung it up to dry in the basement. We got a good bowl full of nicely sized garlic bulbs this year, less than last year but still a good amount of garlic to last through the fall. I love growing garlic, it is so simple and barely requires any work, my type of plant! Haha. Plus it’s delicious. Can’t lose with garlic.

After the garlic was dried I trimmed the stems and peeled the outer layers to remove all dirt. The little hint of purple in the skins is so pretty! I didn’t do a garlic braid this year, instead we will keep the trimmed bulbs in a bowl in the pantry. I’m already looking forward to planting it again in October, and hopefully we will have a new (and larger!) bed to plant them in as they say you shouldn’t plant garlic in the same bed as the previous year because the nutrients have been leached from the soil. I definitely want to do a LOT of garlic planting this year 🖤

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