Harvesting Tomatoes

Tomato time! We ended up with a ton of tomato plants this year, it’s actually the only thing we really grew (aside from the perennial beds of strawberry and raspberry and also some kale.) There are many varieties and we lost track of what is what, but some of them got really big.

Now we have a huge mountain of tomatoes and not a lot of time to do something with them so I’m pulling out all my tomato recipes. We’ve made some canned salsa and frozen tomato sauce but I’ve also been eating lots of open-faced tomato sandwiches. I don’t know where the recipe comes from but my mom used to make them for me all the time and they are so good.

It’s just sliced tomatoes with mayonnaise and pepper on bread, toasted. These tomatoes are so colourful!

This is a very small sampling of what we have harvested already, these tomatoes and raspberries were just picked after dinner yesterday. So amazing to walk out your door and have food growing there! 🖤

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