On the Loom: 5 Year Weaving

About a thousand years ago (WordPress tells me it was actually five) I built myself a loom and started weaving. It turned out to be one of my most popular posts, and I discovered that I really enjoyed weaving with yarn. I did a few that I liked including this one and then started this purple one but got too distracted by other things and it just sat there. I am a pretty bad procrastinator, and sometimes it takes me a long time to get around to things, but I do get a great satisfaction out of completing something and checking it off the to do list.

This weekend is my first time on the Gabriola studio tour, and so for the last week I have been frantically trying to put together some original pieces to show. I posted a picture of this half finished weaving back in the spring as a teaser for what I would have available, forcing myself to get it done in time to save face haha. I waited until the last minute, of course, and finished it finally the day before the tour started. Classic procrastinator style!

I’m glad to finally have this off the loom and have it free to start something new! Here are some photos of the final piece.

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