New Plant Babies

I have treated myself to some new plant babies! A Facebook friend posted their plants for sale in preparation for moving and I couldn’t help myself. It’s always nice to bring home new plants that are already established and also in ceramic pots. They are also so pretty!

There is a monstera, two snake plants, a spider plant, and a peperomia. The names ended up being spooky themed which kind of made me laugh. I already have a monstera and a small snake plant, and I’ve wanted a spider plant for a while even though they feel a bit 80’s as a houseplant. Spider plants are one of the best houseplants for cleaning the air; they have been scientifically tested and found to remove 90% of cancer-causing formaldehyde from the air in indoor spaces. They are also easy to care for which is a plus.

Now I just need to find a spot for them all…


  1. Thanks for this great post dear.
    Plants are looking amazing. It gives a natural and new look to home or bedrooms .
    I will surely use these plants too my bedroom too.
    Keep it up!

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