We Bought an ENDY Mattress

It finally happened, we bought a new mattress. Fun fact, neither of us has ever bought a new mattress before! I’m kind of surprised actually, but thinking back to when I moved out of my parents house I took the double mattress they had bought me as a teenager. When I was 23 or so I moved into a micro apartment in downtown Vancouver on my own and instead of moving my furniture I accepted an offer to buy the furniture that was already in the apartment, which included a new oversized queen mattress. I still have that mattress and slept on it until J and I bought a used King for $100 a few years ago.

The King was good space wise but was too soft and it ended up hurting both of our backs. I wasn’t able to comfortably co-sleep with Mavis on it because it was so mushy I was afraid she would be suffocated, so I slept with her on the firm couch for months and J resorted to sleeping on the old queen which we moved downstairs. WELL, no more mattress drama, we bit the bullet and bought a new one! The ENDY appealed to us for a few reasons:

1. It ships free to your door. Living on a small island makes it tricky to get out and having to transport a mattress ourselves would probably involve some kind of truck rental and a few back and forths on the ferry. A mattress that can be ordered online and delivered to your home is a major plus, and free shipping is a real smokin’ deal.

2. They offer $0 down 0% financing. For 6 payments of less than $200/mo it spaces out the cost of the mattress for folks like us who don’t have $1100 to drop all at once for a bed.

3. You have 100 days to decide if the mattress is a good fit. It’s always a little stressful buying things online that you haven’t tested personally (these jeans looked so much nicer on the website model! haha) and people like to lay down on a mattress before they buy it, I’m sure. ENDY mattresses are one standard thickness/firmness so we were able to check out a friend’s ENDY and that gave us the confidence to go for it.

4. It shows up fast! In 2 days we had a bed on the front step.

5. If in the first 100 days you don’t like it they will pick it up from you and donate it to a local charity, then send you a refund. Pretty great to know if the mattress sucks it wouldn’t be a hassle to get rid of it, and that someone in need gets one for free.

We’ve been eying an ENDY for a long while, and are pretty happy we finally did it. Once you open the box the foam mattress needs to unroll and off-gas for at least 2 days, then it’s good to go. Night one was a success, so we will check back in at night 100 for a proper review. So far we have noticed that the firmness is really nice, and that it is really supportive. It’s slightly thinner than our previous mattress so not as high which is good for a toddler climbing in and out, and the motion transfer is almost non-existent which makes it so much easier to sneak away from a napping kid. ENDY also sells mattress protectors for an extra $110 which I splurged on so we can keep our new mattress super clean from allergens, bugs and stains. πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»

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