Fox on an Island for the Holidays

With October almost finished for another year we find ourselves heading into the busy holiday shopping season very soon. This is a crazy time of year for everyone, but especially small business owners as we prepare product for the gift giving season and plan our holiday markets. Fox on an Island has had a really big year and I’ve got lots of new stuff I wanted to share!

First and foremost is the Fox Universe Tarot + Guidebook. This self care oracle was finally completed in the spring and shipped out for all kickstarter backers and preorders this fall. It has sold quickly with the first print run being over halfway sold within the first month, and it is on track to sell out by the end of 2019. As of this posting it is in stock at and on Etsy.

Earlier in the year I was invited to submit a piece to an exhibit called Bibliocache for the Vancouver Art Book Fair at Emily Carr University. Bibliocache is an experimental library of self-published projects co-curated by Aaron S Moran (Poor Quality) and Sylvana dAngelo (Zine Club). For my zine I put together 24 pages of art and words taken from the Fox Universe Tarot (all major Arcana cards) and had some extra copies printed. Here’s a shot of the zine display they put together! Can you spot mine?

For the holiday market season I have put together new tarot gift boxes that include a copy of the deck + guidebook, a 100% soy wax scented candle, a black and gold enamel Mama Bear pin, and one blank greeting card featuring a design from the cards. They are available in a clear top display box from me at one of my markets, or order online and also get a free mystery tarot card and one inch button (the items are shipped in a sturdy white shipping box instead of the display box).

This year I put together a ton of one inch button designs, available in random 2 or 4 packs. A free button is included with every order I mail out as well 🖤

Earlier this year I launched the black and gold Mama Bear pin (included in gift box) and this fall I created the Ghost Lady black, white and gold enamel pin. She measures 1.5″ x 1″ and is beautifully detailed. There are two military clutch fasteners on the back, which I find way more secure than the rubber backs most pins have. Pins, buttons and other small items ship for free within Canada, and for just $5 to the USA.

The second run of Queen Bee pins is down to its last few. I have sent 10 to the BCPopup shop in Nanaimo for a month this fall, and am left with just 5!

2020 lunar calendars are ready! This single page calendar is 7″ x 19″ and helps you track the moon for the whole year. All New and Full moons are noted and this year I have added First and Last Quarters as well. They come in a protective plastic sleeve and ship rolled.

I have sewn a collection of zippered tarot pouches for storage of your cards, guidebook, tarot cloth and other goodies. There are several different colour combinations available, the pouches are sewn with either reclaimed fabric or custom printed 100% cotton featuring a pattern I designed using images from the tarot deck. Some pouches have also been hand screened using silkscreen inks by myself also using designs from the cards including Friendship and Metamorphosis.

If you like the pattern I put together then you’ll also be into these hand screened altar cloths I made for the Gabriola Studio Tour. I burned screens of all the small designs and randomly printed them over a blank bandana to create a unique altar cloth, scarf, bandana and/or tarot wrap. They are pretty versatile and a nice size at 21″ x 21″. Here’s an example, but each one is slightly different.

Another idea I tried out this fall was custom printed chiffon fabric. This stuff is so silky and soft and perfect for a little neck scarf or to wrap your tarot cards. I serge and sew the edges in my studio.

And finally, after months of trying out different material options, I have brought back the Cat Mat! I’ve simplified the design and had it printed on 100% cotton fabric. This material is a big improvement over the weatherproof version that were super expensive to ship because they had to be rolled. These new ones fold up small enough to ship for free within Canada and for just $5 to the USA.

All of these items are listed online at If you want to see me in person my holiday market list can be found here! Definitely looking forward to Craft Cartel and a few others that will be added shortly.

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