Harvesting: Pear

Back in September we finally managed to identify the fruit tree on the side of the yard with the hazelnut trees; pear! When we bought the house the tree was pretty crooked and had been supported by a strap attached to the fence to encourage it to grow upwards. When we built the planters along that side of the house we ended up cutting the tree all the way back to eliminate shadows to the plants. After cutting it back we saw it was starting to come back with some branches at the top of the stump. We have let it do its thing, and now it is becoming a strong, straight tree.

It has never fruited but we thought it might be an apple tree because there are 4 more on the other side of the house. This year for the first time we had fruit. Two pears! Interested to see if it starts beating more fruit in future seasons now that it has grown back.

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