Suzie is Lost!

Suzie, our little dachshund, is missing in the 707 park on Gabriola. She ran off on Tuesday March 10th and we haven’t been able to get her back. If you live on Gabriola we would love your help in keeping an eye out for her, here are the details:

She bolted at the Jeanette entrance to the 707 running towards the Old Centre Rd trail. In the days following she was spotted at Hess and Coats rd, then running down North Road in the tunnel, then back in the 707 on Old Centre Rd towards the Trail to Nowhere, but ran off again each time.

We then went from Friday morning to Tuesday afternoon with no sightings which was really devastating for us. Without any sightings we didn’t know where to look and were starting to fear the worst. Tuesday she was seen by several people running down North rd again and also back at Hess and Coats but once again when we got there she had vanished. Apparently she didn’t look distressed which is positive after running in the woods for a week, but we really just want her home!

As of today it is nearly 10 days she has been in the forest and we really need a new sighting so we know where to look. Please keep an eye out for her! She is wearing a black harness with a handle on the top and reflectors on the sides. She is very timid and has run away from everyone that has tried to come near so if you spot her please don’t chase her, but it would obviously be amazing if you could keep eyes on her or see where she goes.

I realize this is a scary time and we should all be social distancing (maybe that’s what Suzie is doing?) but walking in the trails is a great way to get fresh air and not come in contact with any other people. We’d really appreciate the help. I can be contacted via Facebook if you see her or you can leave a comment below which gives me an alert on my phone. Thanks so much everyone! 🙌🏻


    • (I might be wrong, but she might pass the area she was spotted periodically still? Though I’m sure you’ve thought of that)

      • She does seem to be in the same areas, but the park is so big (it is called the 707 because it is 707 acres!) and there are dozens of entrance trails all the way around so she’s got lots of escape routes when anyone comes near 😓 thanks for the comments!

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