Bathroom Reno Progress

I’m going to start this post by saying I hope everyone is safe and healthy at this crazy time. I also hope more people are taking social distancing seriously. As a person living with both asthma and anxiety my stress levels are of course through the roof, but I’m already pretty anti-social and work from home in an isolated area so I haven’t had to make many large lifestyle changes in recent weeks. I hope that for the sake of people like me who already face daily challenges with lungs/breathing people take the call to stay home seriously.

SO what is happening while we stay indoors and away from other people? Home renos! And very appropriately we are focused on the bathroom right now, the place where we wash our hands and get clean. Justin removed our grimey old vanity, sink, bathtub and shower fixtures a short while ago and we were able to get everything plumbed back in, including our new double sink.

Justin has nearly finished tiling the wall behind the sink and toilet, and we are really pleased with how clean and fresh it looks. The shower has been clad with concrete board and is awaiting tile as well. Our local hardware store now offers contact-less online ordering and pick up of supplies which is pretty great (and tbh something I have been dreaming about my whole life haha) so we are able to keep making progress on the project we are very nearly finished. No sense in stopping now as it looks like we are going to be cooped up at home for the foreseeable future.

What are you and your loved ones up to while staying home during the pandemic?


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