Halsey’s Spicy Rigatoni

We watch a lot of Hot Ones in our house. One of the recent episodes featured singer Halsey (watch It here ) and she shared a recipe for her spicy rigatoni which I was excited about because it’s a vegetarian recipe! Cooking and food shows neverrrrrr have vegetarian recipes, it’s always all meat, meat, meat. This pasta dish is super simple which also appealed to me, so I gave it a try right away. It’s now one of my favourite go to recipes. Here’s how you do it.

Spicy Rigatoni

One onion, diced

Mushrooms, sliced



Tomato paste

Chilli paste

Rigatoni pasta noodles

Start by boiling some water and cooking the rigatoni until it is almost done. You don’t want to be done the sauce first then have to wait on pasta to cook, though if your timing isn’t great the sauce can be put on low until the noodles are done.

Heat a large pan over medium-high heat and cook your diced onions with a bit of oil until nicely caramelized. I added mushrooms which I cooked with the onions before adding a splash of vodka. The alcohol burns off so it won’t taste like booze. I forgot it once and it didn’t make a huge difference in taste so if you don’t have it on hand I don’t think it’s a huge deal. It’s fun to pour into the hot pan though haha.

The rest is simple, just add a spoonful of chilli paste to the spice level desired then a spoonful or two of tomato paste. Pour in the cream (I eyeballed everything but it was about 1-2 cups depending on how much pasta you have) and stir to blend it all into a creamy rose sauce. Add the cooked pasta right to the pan and coat it, then you’re done!

Seriously, I am obsessed with this fancy, spicy pasta now. Give it a try!


  1. I saw the show and had to try.This was delicious and I am making it again for mother’s day, this time with shrimp.

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