Mavis’ 365 Project

Our wonderful daughter Mavis is about to turn TWO! This is certainly a strange time to be alive but time marches on. You may remember I had been taking a photo of Mave every day for her first year, something called a 365 project that I have done with myself in years past. The first year has been posted on my blog month by month starting here!

Well, turns out she is an easy subject so I kept the project going through her second year as well (though in the interest of her privacy as she grows I have not posted the photos publicly.) You may be wondering what I am doing with all these photos, and here is the answer: Chatbooks!

Chatbooks has an app you can add to your phone that syncs with an instagram account to print your photos in books. I have created a private account where I post Mavis’ daily photos with the day and date in the caption, and Chatbooks automatically loads them into a book for me. Once 60 photos have been added it automatically prints and ships to my house. You can customize the cover photo and also choose 5 images to have sent as prints which is a nice extra. All this for about $20CAD. So far I’m loving it, they are such a nice keepsake! And a great contactless activity for self isolation haha

Hilariously I spelled my own child’s name wrong on the first book (but maybe Mavis Octavis is better?!) but corrected it easily for subsequent books. If you don’t want to subscribe to a series they also allow you to add any pictures you like to a book, up to 366 pages which perfectly fits a years worth of images, though the cost for one large volume is obviously more and breaking it into monthly payments with a series of books feels more affordable. Pretty cool service over all! 🖤

This is not an ad or paid partnership, I just really love Chatbooks haha.


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