Propagating Monstera

My monstera (Swiss cheese plant) continues to grow like crazy and I have really enjoyed watching it sprout leaf after leaf, vines growing up the wall with each new growth. I have wanted to avoid clipping any part of it this far because it’s so pretty, but I’ve had to start trimming the vines at the bottom as they dangle down into toddler territory. I’ve decided to start attempting to propagate it with these trimmings. I don’t need more of these giant plants really (I’m running out of room!) but I could share them out with other plant lovers.

I’ve started with this small vine that was hanging at the front. The leaves are smaller than the thicker vines but it already has about 6 leaves including one new one, and also a giant air root. It was hard to photograph but I tried to get a shot of the whole thing. Look at all the roots in behind the leaves!!

Vines behind all the leaves

I trimmed it just below one of the leaves where a small root was already forming. I’ve put it in some water and will watch for roots to grow. Apparently it’s easy to do, fingers crossed it works right away 🖤


  1. I don’t have much space for house plants – but what a lovely plant! You clearly have a “green” thumb!

  2. Gorgeous!!! I just got my first monstera the other day, it’s nowhere near as big as yours, but I absolutely love it. Good luck with the propagation! 🌿✨

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