The Fox Tarot Reprint in Progress!

Exciting news! The Fox Tarot reprint is happening now! Thanks to a wave of preorders I’ve gone ahead with the printing process. I’ll have updates in a few weeks including NEW PHOTOS to show all the improvements, which I’m super excited to see. Here are some images of the new box and guidebook designs to tide you over.

I’m trying really hard to stay positive during this pandemic craziness (extra tough when you already have anxiety), and being able to finally get this deck back in stock is a huge boost. Community is a beautiful thing and I love how we all support each other. Shop listings have been updated with the new images of the box, card back and guidebook cover.

Some of the new card designs and guidebook pages are included below.

The Fox Tarot will be restocked in early summer of 2020. For the third printing the cards will be totally reworked with revisions to some of the Major Arcana (most of which will remain the same). The cards will feature a new design for the back that does not reveal the orientation. The guidebook will be restructured for ease of use collecting all associations for each card onto one page rather than in separate sections. The box will be upgraded to a sturdy two piece box with new design, and the edges of the cards will be gold for some extra shine.


  1. Hi there. I fell in love with this deck the moment I saw it and bought it on the spot this past weekend. I’ve never used such an advanced deck and was wondering if there is a more in-depth companion book for it, or the included guidebook is it?
    Thank you so much! Very excited to use this deck with some proficiency. Practicing daily!

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