Clay Wall Hanging

Over the last month I have been spending all day every day with my two-year old daughter as I’m sure a lot of other parents are, and I have been looking for ways to entertain her so I can still get a few things done here and there. One activity we did together that was a lot of fun was some at home pottery painting from Paige Coull’s studio.

Paige has made up a ton of ready-to-paint items including mugs, dishes, and wall hangings that you can pick up from her driveway, take home and glaze, then return for a second firing. I picked up a few things starting with this cute wall hanging:

Mavis and I painted this together; she added her fingerprints to several pieces and helped pick the colours. This was a fun and budget-friendly activity to keep the kiddo busy for a short while and at the end we got a cute quarantine memento!

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