The Week in Books #31

The. Week. In. Books. And actually a week’s worth of reading this time! I’m going to try again to schedule these Week in Review posts for every Sunday as waiting too long means the post draft gets too lengthy and intimidating to actually write and it never gets done properly. I thought about stopping altogether, though to be honest if I don’t write a little blurb about the book I just read 90% of the time I forget what it was about and what I thought about it, haha. I just read so many books that sometimes they all blend into the brain wallpaper. So I’d like to keep doing it. I also don’t want to forget about reading in general, it’s so easy with TV and phone at the ready to just get lazy. Maybe mini-deadlines will make it easier to review the books one at a time like I was before (pre-parenthood, pre-pandemic, pre-allthedistractions).

This week I read The Female Persuasion by Meg Wolitzer. This is my first book by Wolitzer, though she has a bunch of popular novels (including The Interestings and many more) This story is about a teenage girl named Greer who meets fictional feminist icon Faith Frank (I imagine she was based on Gloria Steinem, founder of Ms. magazine) and begins a mentorship at Frank’s feminist organization. This was a feminist novel I suppose, or more like feminism-lite. The concepts introduced were not revelations to me though I could see how they may be to someone else who hadn’t read about the topic so extensively. I lost steam towards the end as there didn’t seem to be enough going on to hold my interest and Frank’s character didn’t mesmerize me the way she did Greer in the book. I sometimes struggle to connect with stories about teenagers attending Ivy League Colleges because I can’t relate to that experience. Overall the language was good but I didn’t love the characters.

Books I started this week: Beasts & Children by Amy Parker. Short stories are about all the attention span I have right now, ha. The first few have been very strong and strange, revolving around animals and family.

What’s on your quarantine reading list??

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