Moon Wall Hanging

Mavis and I have been having fun painting ceramics provided by my friend Paige at Blackbird Studios while practicing our social distancing. Most recently we painted this set of moons using different blue and black tones; Mavis decorated the pieces with blue glaze in the centre and I added some black and other speckles for a moon-y texture. We just got them back from being fired and they turned out very cute.

I hung the moons from a wooden dowel and used some yarn from my stash to make this wall hanging. I’ve really enjoyed doing arts and crafts together with Mavis, she has been really enjoying the crafting too and was super excited to paint these moons.

If you’re on Gabriola and looking for something fun to do at home, check out the ceramic kits available at Paige’s studio on Whalebone! More info can be found on her fb page.

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