New Balcony

Here is an intimidating but hugely satisfying project we put off for way too long: the new deck. Last summer we took the rotten balcony down because it was too dangerous for Mavis, and a lot of time passed before we had it rebuilt. Now we can finally check it off the list! It looks so amazing and has surprisingly been the best mental health purchase I have made in a while. Having a space outside to sit and have a look around has been huge.

It’s also going to be a great place for Mavis to hang out this summer, especially as social distancing continues. This deck also actually feels safe, unlike the old one that was missing sections of railing and eventually collapsed under its own weight. This feels like a huge accomplishment! Shout out to Lucas for making it happen.

Oof seriously I love this balcony so much we have decided to do the other side as well so they match. They are going to be the best spaces for summer hangouts! 👙


  1. Wow Lucas you and Justin did a fabulous job – extending your living space and creating a view station! Great to have the swing and hammock as added bonuses. Well done!

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