The Week in Books #33

New score this week.

The week in books! I ventured out of my home and off-island for the first time since February this weekend and went thrift shopping! Ahh I was so looking forward to it. I scooped a copy of Bunny by Mona Awad that I was excited to find. I also managed to do some actual reading this week. Go me!

I finally finished Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng. It had been on my radar for a while and after reading Ng’s other novel Everything I Never Told You I was super excited to find a copy at GIRO for less than $1 (in the BEFORE TIMES ah thrift shopping may never be the same again.) This book lived up to the hype for me! Ng tells a very compelling story about motherhood through a number of well-developed characters; Mia and her daughter Pearl rent an apartment from Elena Richardson in an idyllic American town. As Pearl becomes friends with the Richardson family and their 4 teenagers her mother’s mysterious life comes to light bit by bit. This novel is about motherhood but also more specifically asks the question what makes a mother?

Many different topics related to reproduction are explored smoothly including adoption, abortion, surrogacy, and the rights of birth parents. ALSO race and class and just about everything else that could be expertly woven into one novel. Plus there’s loads of dramaaa. After I finished the book I started watching the series on prime starring Kerry Washington and Reese Witherspoon and it is really well done. I definitely recommend this one to everyone! Seriously, read it now.

This past week has also been momentous for social justice and the Black Lives Matter movement in the USA, which I’m sure you noticed if you are on social media or just not living under a rock in general. I have refrained from posting my own content on social media for the week and instead have been boosting resources related to the cause. One of the things I did was go through my books for some reading recommendations and ended up with like 50+ books I have read and collected over the years. Here they are!

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