Monstera Monday

Back in March I propagated a cutting of my monstera (Philodendron) plant, and today I share the progress. It has done really well in the water; it grew a whole mess of roots and the larger leaves were standing up straight and strong in the jar. I upgraded it to a pot with soil and am looking forward to seeing it keep growing.

Because the first propagation was so successful I’ve snipped a few more bits off my large plant to get started in water as well. I already clipped a tiny strand a few weeks ago and, even thought it looks miserable, it already has a root forming so I think it will hold on.

In addition to the big mother monstera I also have a smaller one (still huge tho) that I got from a friend last year. It came in a water vessel and though it was thriving in the water we realized after a few days of having it on the console in the living room that the sitting water smelled super gross. I was also mildly concerned a curious toddler would pull it over and create a massive mess so I decided to transfer it to a more permanent home of a pot with soil.

You can see the two unfinished leaves coming out of the stems.

For a while it was really sad and dropped two of its huge leaves, but after some time in the soil with nothing happening (presumably it was establishing a good root base) it sprouted two new leaves, both of which died or terminated in some way and just came out as a piece of empty stem. I was afraid I had shocked the plant too much for it to thrive but this past week it pushed out a new leaf!

You can barely tell I’ve snipped off 4 baby plants.


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