Garden Blossoms

We have been enjoying the warmer weather here and that means we are in flower overload. The garden is in good shape this year and with staying home as much as possible still being the recommendation to prevent the spread of COVID-19 it has been really amazing to have this space to spend our time. I’m very grateful for this property and the community here on Gabriola, and also British Columbia in general as we have gone over 12 days with only a single death from Coronavirus in our province. It has been hard to watch the virus ravage our neighbours to the south and I’ve had to take a step back from social media to keep my head above water. That’s where the garden comes in! Here are some shots of the flowers currently blooming.

I’ve also collected a few photos from around the yard with Mavis. Things look so different this year, we can really see how far we’ve come in recent months.

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