Young Northern Flicker

A few weeks ago we were sitting in the living room when we heard a loud thonk sound on the sliding door to the balcony. I had just been talking with my mom about how, even though we have a lot of giant windows, we don’t often have birds fly into the glass. I must have just jinxed us because lying on the balcony was a fairly large bird that had obviously just crashed into the glass.

I lifted the bird onto one of the chairs to see if it would recover and snapped a couple pictures to post on IG for an identification. My friends were on it right away and informed me it was a young Northern Flicker, a medium-sized bird in the woodpecker family. Check out it’s long tongue for sucking bugs out of tree bark!

It recovered after a few minutes and flew away, thankfully. It was nice to see one of these birds up close 🖤

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